Review: Chris Mitchell's Short Course on Medieval Astrology

By Alison Chester-Lambert, MA Graduate 2015

Chris Mitchell on Medieval Astrology

Do you remember sitting wide-eyed and hopeless in your first astrology lecture? And then the dizzying, exciting, frustrating gallop into astrology's magnetic arms as the explanation for all your pain unfolded? Years later, as a community psychological astrologer scraping a living out of a Facebook blog, I can't imagine recreating those enthralling nights when I couldn't put Rudhyar or Liz Greene down as midnight turned into dawn? Can astrology ever be that exciting again?

Apparently the answer is yes. Chris Mitchell delivered a high octane, whistle-stop blast of something quite wonderful - mind grabbing astrology!

From beginning to end I was spell-bound. Such a wealth of information delivered succinctly with humour. His condensed history of astrology was remarkably concise, yet cohesive, pertinent and clever. Was it Albert Einstein who said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"? Mitchell is a man who thoroughly understands the complexity of medieval astrology and can explain it. His humour made the series entertaining and interesting. This is a classic lecture series which will hopefully form the basis of future on-line video tutorials not to be missed.

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