Graduation 2017

Sunshine and Ceremony in Lampeter

By Kathryn Greethurst

In September 2016, when personal problems prevented me from completing my MA, I initially decided not go to graduation because I was so upset about not completing. Then, when Nick Campion confirmed that I would be awarded a Post-graduate Diploma, I changed my mind.

I took my family with me. Although our accommodation in a Lampeter hall of residence was basic, we were given a hearty cooked breakfast to start our day. Here, we bumped into Akindynos Kaniamos and Anna Estaroth and her niece. When we collected our robes, we found Frances Clynes and her partner and then we were joined by Nick. We later met up with Rosemarie Scannell and her mum.

In the graduation hall, I was not able to sit with Akindynos, Anna and Rosemarie because I had not achieved the MA. But instead, I was put with some other lovely people who had also achieved Post-graduate Diplomas.

The graduation ceremony was very formal and colourful. It began with a procession and the various speeches and proclamations were conducted in both Welsh and English. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Medwin Hughes, mainly focused his address on the younger graduates achieving bachelor's degrees and Rosemarie subsequently commented that he had used much the same words at her BA graduation!

Graduation 2017

Kathryn Greethurst receiving her Post-graduate Diploma. Photo: John Hailstone

I was very excited and proud when I went up to receive my award from the Vice Chancellor. He asked what I thought about the MA and I said that 'it was absolutely wonderful.' Other highlights were an exquisite aria sung by Chloe Morgan and a rousing speech from Welsh nationalist, judge and politician, Lord Elystan-Morgan who received an honorary Doctorate.

Afterwards, we all drank Prosecco together, had our photographs taken (we were not allowed to throw our caps in the air, as has been traditional, for health and safety reasons and so we pretended) and then, convened to the Black Lion for a celebratory lunch.

I am so glad that I went. It was wonderful to celebrate what I have achieved (rather than what I haven't) and to fulfill my ambition to visit the Lampeter campus in real life (rather than online). It is much smaller than I imagined! As a result of attending my graduation, not only am I proud to be a Sophia Centre alumnus but I also feel part of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

We had a splendid day at Lampeter for the 2017 graduation ceremony. Those who travelled to Lampeter (see photo below) included from the left, Rosie Scannell MA, Akindynos Kaniamos MA, tutor Dr Frances Clynes, Kathy Greethurst Postgraduate Certificate, Dr Nicholas Campion, Associate Professor, Director of the Sophia Centre, Anna Estaroth MA.

Graduation 2017
Photo Credit: Poul Madsen

Teresa Alfonso, Janet Carrol, M A Rashed, Melanie Sticker-Jantscheff, Benito Estevez and, Rafal Wasowski were unable to attend but were awarded their MA's in absentia. Konstantinos Achyrkidis, Cheryl Parisi, Michele Cossellu, Yvonne Reichert, Sana Taha and Sean Thomton all received Postgraduate Diplomas. Warm congratulations to them all from the Sophia Centre teaching team.

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