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  • The treatment of the Moon compared in three astrological primary sources by Selina White
  • Sky and water in Minnesota: A sky journal by Jessica Heim
  • Can theurgy be considered as a form of magic? by Elisabetta Castelli

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  • Exploring personal cosmologies: cosmogony, astrology and perceptions of the universe by Christopher Layser
  • Moon meets Sun and Sun meets Moon: A sky journal by Nicole Montag-Keller
  • The night sky in the lives of amateur and professional astronomers by Jessica Heim

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  • Are the standing stones of south-west Meirionnydd intentionally aligned with celestial significance? by Ingrid O'Donnell
  • The astrological reforms of Marsilio Ficino and Johannes Kepler by Jessica Heim
  • The Greek contribution to astrology in the 20th and 21st centuries by Alina Apostol
  • Comparing the polemics against astrology of the early Christian apologists and contemporary Salafis by George Richards
  • Two attempts to reform astrology: Marsilio Ficino and Alan Leo by Keisha Knight

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  • Sacred Geography: a conceptual work in progress by Anthony Thorley
  • Methodology in Sacred Geography by Bernadette Brady
  • Art installation at the Tower of London: contested space or renewal of a landmark? by Caroline Ormrod
  • Art installations and sacred space at the Tate Modern by Stevi Gaydon
  • Using phenomenological fieldwork to understand the role of sacred caves in Maya cosmology by Christopher Layser
  • Is the Skirrid Mountain in Wales sacred? by Natalie Niblet
  • Does sacred space influence the experience of meditation? by Anya Marco
  • Sacred places in Switzerland as portals to the spiritual realm by Madeleine Marchand
  • Contributing editors: Anthony Thorley and Bernadette Brady

Spica Cover
  • Christians and the Sky by Kevin Marley
  • Contemporary Jewish pilgrimage in Jerusalem: Is the Western Wall an Eliadean axis mundi? by David Rubin
  • Western astrology and the question of predestination by LeeAnn Curtis

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  • Walking the Abingdon labyrinth as a form of divination by Kathy Greethurst
  • The evolution of Mars: how astrologers' views have changed by Akindynos Kaniamos
  • The Kumik in a Skyscraper in Quebec: a sacred space? by Judy Jibb

Spica Cover
  • Exploring the liminality of the littoral by Grace Cassar
  • Magdalenenberg: interpreting a Hallstatt period burial mound by Melanie Sticker-Jantscheff
  • Can sacred space change perception of time? by Ilaria Cristofaro
  • Development of psychology in Western astrology by Lucie Provaznikova

Spica Cover
  • Traditional Xhosa cosmology and contested space by Rod Suskin
  • A critical biography of Dane Rudhyar by Sanaa Tanha
  • What Japanese astrologers think about astrology by Sean Thornton
  • The sky journal as a representation of the world by Mara Steenhuisen-Siemonsma
  • Reviewed: Stonehenge by Pam Armstrong

Spica Cover
  • Cosmological beliefs of Galacian farmers by Benito Vilas Estevez
  • The meaning of clouds: a phenomenological study by Ada Blair
  • Exploring the mythology of Pluto by Sanaa Tanha
  • Experiencing the summer sky: Amsterdam by Elizabeth Hathway
  • Reviewed: The Value of Astrology by Anna Estaroth

Spica Cover
  • Great cycles, the conjunction of 1345 and the black death by Chris Mitchell
  • The "Sky Path" tourist route as sacred space by Reinhard Mussik
  • Astronomers and astrophysists on non-scientific cosmologies by Melanie Sticker-Jantscheff
  • The contemporary home: imago mundi? by Petra du Preez-Spaun
  • Reviewed: Defining Magic: A Reader edited by Bernd-Christian Otto and Michael Stausberg by Claire Chandler

Spica Cover
  • Astrological readings and divine guidance by Marcia Butchart
  • Eton Rowing Lake: a sacred space? by Joyce Lambert
  • Review: Deciphering the Cosmic Number by Richard Harris
  • How counsellors deal with astrological beliefs by Ada Blair
  • Superstition and the sky by Rod Suskin

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