Submission Guidelines

At launch, Spica's main function is to publish original research by students of the MA programme at the Sophia Centre.

Each edition will contain 3 - 4 papers by students, as well as other contributions.

I. Requirements for papers submitted by students

  1. Research papers on the student's original research that were undertaken for the Research module of the MA, as well as any module that required you to do original research (such as Sacred Geography).
  2. The paper received an overall score of 70% or more OR it was recommended for submission by a tutor.
  3. The paper should be corrected according to problems pointed out by the tutors who marked the paper.
  4. You should add an Abstract of approximately 150 words at the beginning of the document.
  5. Submit the paper as a Word document, without the tutor comments but with a covering email that tells us what mark you got for it and/or who suggested you submit it. We need to know your paper is eligible.

II. Other contributions Spica publishes

Spica will occasionally include shorter articles that may be relevant to the course and the students. These include conference reports, book reviews and other journalism. Spica will not publish other non-fiction, articles or research papers that were not marked by a tutor, nor papers submitted for essay topics in any area of the course, except where the tutors recommend otherwise. (In the future, we may expand the range of what Spica publishes, but at this stage we are pretty focussed.)

While students are welcome to submit articles that meet these criteria, preference will be given to commissioned pieces, or those prearranged with the editor. Students are welcome to write to  to indicate their interest in writing for Spica or to suggest articles they would like to write.

  1. Students interested in reporting on the summer school and conference in June 2013 should contact the editor before 30 April 2013.

Final date of submission for the first edition of Spica is 28 February 2013 but preference for publication in the premier edition will go to early submissions.

All communication and submission to