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Wednesday 14 December 16.00 - 17.30


We apologise for this last minute notification but due to Faye unexpectedly having to go to a funeral on Wednesday 14 December, we have had to cancel her scheduled free Alumni lecture this Wednesday. Faye is happy to reschedule her lecture to next year and once we know when that is, we will email you.

We take this opportunity to send Faye our condolences and know you will understand the given circumstances.

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Faye Cossar

Using Qualitative Narrative Research to compare Organisational Development Models in companies.

This talk covers the 'why' of astrological research, and discusses how the results of my study led to the development of an astrologically based Company Clock model. I will also discuss how I use it in Business Astrology practice.

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Wine and Cheese discussion
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*** Event is cancelled ***

as subject write: 'Faye Cossar and Wine 14 December 2016'

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Lecturer: Faye Cossar

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Faye Cossar graduated in 2004 with the MA in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy.

She lives in Holland as an professional astrologer and have worked in Australia, the Fijis and in South Africa and has given lectures and workshops in many different countries.

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Check out her website at