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Spring Alumni Lecture

A donation-based fund-raising lecture

Dr Garry Phillipson

What is Truth? A consideration of what 'truth' means in regard to alternative crafts and practices, particularly astrology

Wednesday 17th Mar (18.30 - 20.00 GMT) 2021

This talk will consider the ways in which truth has been characterised by philosophers, and how the deployment of three key theories can illuminate the existing discussion about astrology’s truth-status and bring much-needed perspective.

At the same time, the generally abstract world of philosophical discourse will (hopefully!) come to life when its ideas are used to excavate and articulate the real-world issues embodied in the debate about astrology’s truth-status. Whilst the focus will primarily be on the truth-status of astrology, the ideas that will be presented can easily be applied to other ‘fringe’ practices at which scientific orthodoxy looks askance.

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Garry Phillipson

Garry Phillipson is a part-time tutor with the Sophia Centre. He completed his PhD in 2020. He is the author of Astrology in the Year Zero and has written and spoken about astrology, and strategies for its comprehension, in many settings.