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Thursday 23rd February 2023

18:00 - 19:30 GMT

Nick Campion, Anupam Suman, Danielle Goldstein, Ling Duong, Kim Corrall, Manni Dillon and Amanda Page

The Navagraha - Nine-planet - temples and Palm Leaf Horoscopes of Tamil Nadu

We will relaunch our online Alumni Association events with a report on the recent Sophia Centre pilgrimage and field trip to the Navagraha - Nine-planet - temples of Tamil Nadu – introduced by Nick Campion. The trip was organised by 2022 graduate Anupam Suman and featured a group of nine students, graduates and friends.

Astrology is an integral part of the religious and daily life of the people of Tamil Nadu, and the temple rituals can both enhance positive astrological indicators and release difficult ones. Our visit commenced on the day the Sun entered sideral Capricorn (15 January), initiating the astrological new year. The collective power of the time was reinforced by Saturn’s entry into sidereal Aquarius. Together, we had many remarkable and extraordinary experiences including a visit to the mysterious Nadi (Palm Leaf) horoscope centres, together with insights into a living tradition of ancient astrology. Anupam will introduce the role of the temples in relation to Indian astrology and students and graduates Kim Corrall and Amanda Page (Ecology and Spirituality) and Ling Duong and Danielle Goldstein (Cultural Astronomy and Astrology) will also recount their experiences and insights.

This is an event for Sophia Alumni only. Please email Wendy Stacey and Carole Taylor at for the link to book.

Anupam Suman, who organised the Tamil Nadu temple trip, graduated with the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2022. Nick Campion is Programme Director of the MAs in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and Ecology and Spirituality, Danielle Goldstein graduated in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2022, Ling Duong is a current student on the programme and both Kim Corrall and Amanda Page are current students on the Ecology and Spirituality programme.

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