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Alumni Zoom Webinar

The Sophia Centre Alumni Association presents a webinar with

Faye Blake

Astrology and Past Life Regression

Monday 24th Jun 2024, 18.30 - 20.00 BST

Edgar Cayce once said during one of his readings, that using astrology without taking account of past lives, gives an incomplete picture for some people. Astrologers are increasingly finding that clients are asking questions of a spiritual nature. Many astrologers are therefore turning to techniques that provide, in their view, a more spiritual dimension to their readings. There are many different ideas as to how past life patterns can be found in the horoscope and many different ways of using this information. Some use, for example, the ‘black lights’, others retrograde planets. Some Chiron and Pluto, while others look more at the houses.

During her study at Bath Spa University College, Faye researched how past life information was combined with astrology. In this paper, she researched how past life information was found in the horoscope and how astrologers are applying this in practice. Important research questions were: How do you think reincarnation works? How do you find past lives in a horoscope and how do you use this information? In this talk, Faye will summarise her findings and give an overview of techniques that are used to combine reincarnation with astrology.

Cost: £10

This lecture will be held on Zoom and is open to all.

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Wendy Stacey - Sophia Centre Alumni Association

Faye Blake

Faye Blake has been a professional astrologer in Amsterdam since 1986. Since then, she has added therapy and regression techniques to her practice. Faye teaches astrology internationally and has spoken at many of the world’s astrology conferences. She works with both private and business clients, where she offers management consultancy. In 2004, she was one of the first graduates of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology program.