Completed PhDs

Name of Alumnus Year Awarded Title of Thesis
Liz Henty 2020 Does archaeoastronomy have a role in the study of British prehistory? An examination of archaeoastronomy's history and its place in the academy
Garry Phillipson 2020 A Context for Heresy: Locating Astrology in Contemporary Western Thought
Frances Clynes 2015 An examination of the impact of the Internet on modern western astrology
David Fisher 2014 Employing 3-Dimensional Computer Simulation to Archaeoastronomy of Scottish Megalithic Sites
Glenford Bishop 2014 The Origins of the English Folk-Play
Bernadette Brady 2012 Theories of Fate Among Present Day Astrologers

Current PhD Candidates

Name of Alumnus Title of Thesis
Laura Andrikopoulos The marriage of Cosmos and Psyche: An analysis of the psychologisation of western astrology during the 20th century
Pamela Armstrong -
Petra du Preez -
Anthony Thorley The Landscape Zodiac Phenomenon: an enquiry into its origins and conceptual characteristics as sacred geography