Completed PhDs

Name of Alumnus Year Awarded Title of Thesis
Bernadette Brady 2012 Theories of Fate Among Present Day Astrologers
David Fisher 2014 Employing 3-Dimensional Computer Simulation to Archaeoastronomy of Scottish Megalithic Sites
Glenford Bishop 2014 The Origins of the English Folk-Play
Frances Clynes 2015 An examination of the impact of the Internet on modern western astrology

Current PhD Candidates

Name of Alumnus Title of Thesis
Laura Andrikopoulos The marriage of Cosmos and Psyche: An analysis of the psychologisation of western astrology during the 20th century
Pamela Armstrong -
Liz Henty Does archaeoastronomy have a role in the study of British prehistory? An examination of archaeoastronomy's history and its place in the academy
Garry Phillipson A Context for Heresy: Locating Astrology in Contemporary Western Thought
Petra du Preez -
Anthony Thorley The Landscape Zodiac Phenomenon: an enquiry into its origins and conceptual characteristics as sacred geography