09:30     Registration

10:00    Welcome

10:05    Rob Hand

John Partridge and his Influence on the Development of Modern Astrology

10:50     Nick Campion

Modern, Premodern or Postmodern: Astrology’s Place in Historical Periodisation      

11:20     Break

11:45    Vanessa Chambers

‘It's in your stars...’: the newspaper horoscope column and British society during the Second World War

12:15     Clare Goodrick-Clark

The cosmic dimension of metals: astro-chemistry and the relationship of planets to terrestrial substances

12:45     Lunch

14:00    Robert Collis

Astrology at the Court of Peter the Great, 1689-1725

14:30     Martin Gansten

Placidean teachings in early 19th century Britain: John Worsdale and Thomas Oxley

15:00     Darrelyn Gunzburg

How do astrologers read charts?

15:30     Break

16:00    Liz Greene

Signs, signatures, and symbols: the languages of heaven

16:45     Discussion

17:00    Close   



09:30     Registration

10:00    Welcome

10:05    Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

From the Externsteine to the Sphinx: esoteric theory and practice in twentieth-century astroarchaeology

10:50     Philippa Mansor

Popular Culture Astrology in the 21st Century: From Cyberspace to Outer Space  

11:20     Break

11:45    Paul Bembridge

New Light on the New Age

12:15     Jay Johnston

Astrological Healing: Subtle Bodies, Subtle Material and Energetic Healing

12:45     Lunch

14:00    Kocku von Stuckrad

From Astronomy to Naturphilosophie, from Matter to Spirit: Astrology in German Romanticism

14:45     Garry Phillipson

The Philosophy of William James as a Context for Astrology

15:15     Break

15:45    Bernadette Brady

The horoscope as an imago mundi: thoughts on the cosmology of western astrologers

16:15     Discussion

16:30    Conference Close