MA Dissertations

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Elisabeth Castelli 2020  
Crystal Eves 2020  
Chris Harris 2020  
Jay Laville 2020  
Mayaan Medzini 2020  
Nicole Montag-Keller 2020  
Melissa Seymour 2020  
Liesel Wilkes 2020  

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Ilaria Cristofaro 2019 A Journey to the Late Bronze Age Minoan Underworld: The Reflection of Sunlight on the Sea as an Axis Mundi
Chris Layser 2019 Can an Iconological Analysis of a Classic Period Vase (K1485) Further our Understanding of Ancient Maya Skyscapes? Alumni Dissertation Prize Winner
David Rubin 2019 Astrology in the Torah: A Comparative Study of Astrological Themes in the Hebrew Bible and Babylonian Talmud

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Teresa Alfonso 2017 An exploration of the Sun and Moon in the mythology of the /Xam San of South Africa, by comparing Gideon R. von Wielligh's original Boesman-Stories Deel I: Mitologie en Legendes [Bushman Stories Part I: Mythology and Legends], (1919) with Wilhelm H.I. Bleek and Lucy C. Lloyd's Specimens of Bushman Folklore, (1911)
Janet Carrol 2017 Golden Ages and Utopianism in Modern Astrology
J. Anna Estaroth 2017 Scotland's Clava Cairns and the Midsummer Full Moon
Judy Jibb 2017 Giving voice to Akiko: Do the Chaudière Falls serve as a sacred site in contemporary northeastern Canada?
Akindynos Kaniamos 2017 Human and Divine Interaction in Iamblichus' De Mysteriis: Astrology as a Paradigm of the Interaction with the Divine
M. A. Rashed 2017 Cosmic Chaos in Islamic Apocalyptic Eschatology
Melanie Sticker 2017 A New Look at Old Temples: Augusta Raurica and its Skyscape in the 1st and 2nd Centuries CE
Rafal Wasowski 2017 The Survey and 3D Reconstruction of the Valle Crucis Abbey in Relation to its Landscape and Skyscape

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Stevi Gaydon 2016 Alan Leo's Astrology for the New Era: How did Leo present and reform astrology so that it reflected his theosophical belief and was also seen as modern?
Kevin Marley 2016 The Sky in the Lives of People Interested in Astronomy
Mara Steenhuisen 2016 Capturing the relationship between heaven and earth in the digital imaging of orbs: an investigation of their contemporary phenomenal occurrence in the cosmological worldviews of orb-enthusiasts
Daniel Enrique Zagari 2016 The assimilation of the planet Uranus into the practice of astrology in England in the period 1781-1890. Alumni Dissertation Prize Winner

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Ada Blair 2015 An exploration of the role that the night sky plays in the lives of the Dark Sky island community of Sark
Alison Chester-Lambert 2015 Phallic Solarism from Egyptian Imagery, the Derveni Papyrus and Possible Reflections in Early Christian Texts and Fourteenth to Sixteenth Century Annunciation Art
Margot Diederen 2015 A Review of the Experiences of Dutch Astrologers with an Academic Education: Why have they chosen to pursue an Astrological Career?
Jarlath Fenton 2015 To what extent was Shakespeare's use of astrology, astronomy and the occult a reflection of Renaissance thought?
Andre Henriques 2015 Seidr Cosmologies: What is the relationship between practices of oracular seidr and the personal cosmologies of contemporary Pagans and neo-shamans who practice it for their communities?
Joyce Lambert 2015 Is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Site of the London Olympics 2012, Sacred Space? A Critical Exploration of the Situation and Traditions of the 2012 Olympics
Astrid Leimlehner 2015 Psychological Dimensions Of Early 20th Century Astrology: An investigation of four German astrology books of the 1920s and 1930s. Alumni Dissertation Prize Winner
Reinhard Mussik 2015 Why do People connect presumed Prehistoric Sacred Places and celebrate the summer solstice in virtual space via the Internet today?
Paula van Kersbergen 2015 The Divine feminine and astrology against the background of the New Age in the Netherlands

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Pamela Armstrong 2014 Does the archaeoastronomic record of the Cotswold Severn region display a transition from a lunar to a solar allegiance?
Mauro Fenu 2014 Dante's Divine Comedy as a theurgic act, a guide for the blessed reader from a state of misery to a state of bliss
Gaia Somasca 2014 Are there possibilities for an individual to connect with Nature according to an Earth-focused cosmology in a city like New York?
Maria Paap 2014 The use of outer planet cycles in modern astrology as a survival of Zoroastrian astrological history

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Fenella Dean 2013 An exploration of personal cosmologies through the investigation of individual world views
Tore Lomsdalen 2013 Is there evidences of intentionality of sky involvement in the prehistoric megalithic sites of Mnajdra in Malta?

This dissertation has now been published as Volume 2 in the Sophia Centre Master Monographs, entitled Sky and Purpose in Prehistoric Malta: Sun, Moon and Stars at the Temples of Mnajdra.

A review of this book is available here.
Janet Markham 2013 Did the Hopewell Culture (100 BCE - 400 CE) of the Middle Woodland Period build a pilgrimage trail between the Newark Earthworks and High Bank Works sites in Ohio?

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Claire Chandler 2012 What can the astrological symbolism found in the papyrus known as p leid j 395 tell us about greco-roman egyptian cosmology and the place of magic within it?
Marielle Churaqui 2012 An Examination of James Hillman's Views on Astrology

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Laura Andrikopoulos 2011 Do the beliefs of contemporary astrologers offer evidence for the theory of secularisation?
Aidan Foster 2011 An appraisal of why Silbury Hill was built from a contemporary perspective
Liz Henty 2011 An Examination of Possible Solar, Lunar and Stellar Alignments at the Recumbent Stone Circles of North-East Scotland
Rosemary Senior 2011 Megalithic Sites: Why do they still inspire us? A study of the stones at Stanton Drew in Somerset in relation to the people for whom they have meaning

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Jennifer Fleming 2009 Entering the Matrix: A Contemporary Cosmological Journey: Can evidence of gnostic thought in contemporary culture be found in the Matrix Trilogy?

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Chris Mitchell 2008 Did the division of the year by the Babylonians into twelve months lead to the adoption of an equal twelve-sign zodiac in Hellenistic astrology?

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Frances Clynes 2007 The Effect of IT on Astrology
Cat Cox 2007 The Astrologer as Magician or Shaman: How far can contemporary astrological practice be understood within a cosmological paradigm of participation with the divine?
Sue Farebrother 2007 Were there links between astrology and tarot in the 19th century?
Teresa Moorey 2007 An investigation into the sky as a source of enchantment in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries
Chrissy Philp 2007 Is There Anything in Astrology Independent of Culture?
Alex Trenoweth 2007 Was Christianity's hostility toward paganism sufficient to explain its hostility to astrology?
Mary D. Wehunt 2007 The Experience of Solar Eclipses in the Context of Cultural Astronomy

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Catriona Javor 2006 To what extent did the signs, symbols and methods of astrology inform the practices of late 19th - early 20th century occultists?
Judith Levy 2006 Credibility, Professionalism and Value: exploring the cultural interface between the worlds of business and astrology
John Wadsworth 2006 Towards an Embodied Astrology - Embodiment as a Paradigm for Astrological Practice

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Bernadette Brady 2005 Can astrology be viewed as an expression of chaosmos and is this the same phenomena currently being described by Chaos and Complexity theories?

This dissertation has now been published as Volume 1 in the Sophia Centre Master Monographs, entitled Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology.

A review of this book is available here.
Steve Judd 2005 Can The Crop Circle Community Be Described As A Religion, Sect, Cult Or Ufo/Et Group?

Name of Alumnus Year of graduation Title of dissertation
Faye Cossar 2004 The Life Cycle of a Company
Rosalind Park 2004 Looking into the Dendara Zodiac, or Whose Zodiac is it?
David Charles Rowan 2004 Can Astrology be used as a tool in Modern Applied Psychology?
John Booker - To what extent were astronomy and astrology significant features in the medical texts of Hippocrates and Galen?
Helen Beers - Do Dreams, Visions or Mystical Encounters Bear on an Individual Sense of Destiny?