The Harmony Debates

By Dr Nicholas Campion

Harmony Debates
Left to right: Richard Dunne, Professor Peter Davies, Professor David Cadman, Dr Nick Campion, Luci Attala, Professor John Sauven

Carl Sagan called the Earth the 'pale blue dot', emphasising the fragility of our tiny planet floating in an infinite sea of dark space. It's our duty, Sagan, concluded, to look after the Earth. It's in this spirit The Sophia Centre is working to support the University's Harmony Initiative. We had a successful conference at Lampeter on 2-3 March.

Cat Cox

Professor David Cadman

On Thursday three of the University's Harmony Professors of Practice - John Sauven, David Cadman and Peter Davies - delivered short statements on the relationship between harmony as a philosophy and sustainability as a practice. Tony Juniper was unable to attend in person so Richard Dunne stood in at the last moment. Richard is a primary school headmaster who is introducing harmony principle in his school.

In the afternoon groups of students gathered by anthropologist Luci Attala, philosopher Tristan Nash and Louise Emanuel: Programme Director for BA Business Management, interviewed David, John and Peter, and Tony Juniper skyped in from Cambridge.

Professor John Sauven

Professor John Sauven

On the following morning six members of staff gave individual papers on harmony in relation to teaching in the university. As defined by David Cadman harmony includes Wholeness, Connection, Interdependence, Diversity, Cycles of Time and Season, Reciprocity and Justice and Lawfulness. Such notions are clearly applicable on a grand level to the cosmos (and so to the Sophia Centre's concerns) as well as to other Faculties across the University.

Professor Peter Davies

Professor Peter Davies

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