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Lindsay Gladstone

Lindsay Gladstone

The Mythology of Cosmic Orientation


Not unlike the great migrations of creatures of the earth and sky the human psyche instinctively demands of itself a sense of direction, specifically a calling home. The Romanian historian of religion Mercia Eliade proposed,

"...that every human is basically religious, whether he or she knows it or not... and therefore every human has a need to find meaning, to discern patterns, though each culture, indeed each individual, may fill in the broad outlines differently." (Doninger in Eliade, 2004: xiv)

Referring to the works of sacred wisdom written by medieval Arab Sufi mystics, such as Ibn Arabi, and by applying the theories of myth to the symbolism of cardinal directions and the Axis Mundi as researched by Western anthropologists, this paper investigates the potency of orientation of the horizon and celestial alignments conferred upon them through spiritual, shamanic and divinatory systems.


Inspired by a heartfelt connection to the starry heavens Lindsay's passion for astrology gained her the Faculty Diploma in 2012 and the M.A. in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2015. Fascinated by the encapsulation of the divine encoded within the symbolism of astrology her particular interests focus on the creation myths and divine illumination. In her role as registrar Lindsay oversees the logistics of the prestigious summer school held annually by the Faculty of Astrological Studies in Oxford. She has an astrological practice in West Sussex and regularly runs astrology courses and lectures.



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