Call for Papers  

Speakers and Abstracts

The Talking Sky: Myths and Meaning in the Celestial Spheres

Laura Andrikopoulos
Myth, enchantment and psychological astrology

Gerardina Antelmi
Interstices of Silence. What the Sky Does Not Narrate

Bernadette Brady
The Role of the Constant Sky in the pursuit of the Restoration of Sky Myths

Faya Causey
Astra Planeta in the British Museum

Frances Clynes
Solar Deities in Irish Mythology

Signe Cohen
What Do the Gods Call the Sky? Naming the Celestial in Old Norse

Geoffrey Dean and Arthur Mather
Can cosmological myths survive in today's materialist world?

Magda El-Nowieemy
The Various Voices of the Talking Sky in the Myth of Phaethon in Ovid's Metamorphoses

Anna Estaroth
Seasons, light and fire

Edina Eszenyi
Python and the Angels: Greek Mythology Lost and Found in the Cinquecento Veneto

Morag Feeney-Beaton
Altair and Vega, The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, an analysis of a living sky myth

Lindsay Gladstone
The Mythology of Cosmic Orientation

John Grigsby
The Giant's Daughter: Neolithic Cosmology in Celtic myth?

Darrelyn Gunzburg
The Summer Triangle and the Stymphalian Birds

Johann Hasler
Plato's Myth of Er as the founding myth of the tradition of the Harmony of the Spheres

Kirsten Hoving
Joseph Cornell's Cosmos: An Artist's Modern Interpretations of Ancient Myths

Astrid Leimlehner
Sky myths retold: An exploration of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince

Maria Nita
Angels, 'Raptured Ready' Bodies and Marvel Heroes: Modalities of Relating to the Sky in Western Culture

Ben Pestell
The Sun Within: A psychic star in the fiction of Wilson Harris and J. G. Ballard

Claudia Rousseau
Love, Triumph, Immortality: The Mythic and Pictorial Tradition of the Corona Borealis

Ben Rovers
The pivotal role of air in water cycle mythology

Jenn Zahrt
The Transneptunian Planets of the Hamburg School: A Modern Sky Myth?

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