Angelo Adamo:
Looking the sky in the face: Recognizing constellations in a sky in which none are foreseen

Angelo Adamo:
Night is Sound: Concerts for starry nights and orchestra by John Cage

Angelo Adamo:
Where telescopes cannot (yet) see: Moon and Saturn as 'seen' by Scriven Bolton, Lucien Rudaux, Étienne Trouvelot, Chesley Bonestell

Segla D. Aimé:
Yoruba Cosmological incorporations ‘here and there’ in Fon Culture (West Africa)

Reza Assasi:
Mithraeum as a Symbolic Planetarium

Ari Belenkiy:
Easter 414 in Alexandria: Hypatia’s Murder Case Reopened

Catherine Blackledge:
When The Luminaries Meet

Daniel Brown:
Memories unlocked and places explored: Stellarium a canvas to explore the temporality of skyscapes

Nicholas Campion:
The Moral Philosophy of Space Travel

Howard Carlton:
Condensing from a fluid haze: John Pringle Nichol, the nebular hypothesis and nineteenth-century cosmogony

Liana De Girolami Cheney:
Galileo Galilei’s Commemorative Tomb in Santa Croce: Art, Light and the Stars

Christopher J. Corbally and Margaret Boone Rappaport:
When Hominins First Looked Up and Saw Constellations

Clive Davenhall:
Mars and the Mediums

Carolin Crawford:

Daniela de Paulis:
AstroArts: the Arts and Culture programme of Astronomers Without Borders

Daniela de Paulis:

Andrew Fabian:

José Funes:
A Cosmic End: from the Earth to the Universe

Giangiacomo Gandolfi:
The Strange Case of Raphael’s Planetary Hours: How Astronomy and Iconography Reveal a Neoclassical Forgery

Deborah Garwood:
'The Stranger' and The Sun

Antonella Gasperini, Lapo Casetti and Paolo Tozzi:
Night Vision: from silent movies to contemporary astronomy

Michael Geffert:
The photographic plate archive as an inspiration for art projects

Rafael Gil Brand:
The Golden Mean, an Unexpected Rationale Underlying Ancient Astrological Patterns

Safari F. Grey:
Homer’s Odyssey: Astronomy and the influence of the Near East

Harald Gropp:
Prehistoric circles from Neolithic Times till Bronze Age: Was there pre-Euclidean geometry?

Duane Hamacher:
Dance machines and astronomy in contemporary Torres Strait Islander traditions

Lynda Harris:
Current understandings of the Milky Way: Scientific and Spiritual

John Hatch:
East Meets West: Shi Zhiying's Picturing of Italo Calvino's ‘Mr. Palomar’

Holly Henry:
Searching for Earth 2.0 among the Wild Geographies of Exoplanets

Chris Impey:
Dreams of Other Worlds

Frank Keim:
The astronomical meaning of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

Marek Kukula:
Visions of the Universe & Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Science, beauty and public engagement at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

George Latura:
Zodiacal Light: Forgotten For A Thousand Years

Annette S. Lee:
The Cosmos As Viewed Through the Lens of a Native-American Astronomer-Artist

Mario Livio:
The Top Achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope

Michael Mendillo and Ethan Pollock:
Christ and the Celestial Sphere: A Unique Mosaic in St. Isaac’s Cathedral?

Paolo Molaro:
A new portrait of Galileo Galilei?

David Morgan:
Einstein, Galileo, and Kepler: The Operas of Philip Glass

Ian Morison:
Proving Einstein Right

Ronald Olowin:
Eureka! Cosmic Explorations of Archimedes, Alexander von Humboldt, and Edgar Allan Poe

Jay M. Pasachoff and Kevin J. Kilburn:
John Bevis's 18th-century Atlas Celeste: An Oft-Overlooked Treasure

Richard Poss:
The Cosmological Compass in Western Art

Nandivada Rathnasree:
Inspiration of celestial phenomena in the works of Kalidasa

Lord Rees of Ludlow:
A Cosmic Perspective: Four Centuries of Expanding Horizons

Tessa Robinson:
Cords of Time

Michael Rowan-Robinson:

Stefano Sandrelli:
Cosmos as a permanent Utopia realm

Valerie Shrimplin:
Sir Christopher Wren: Architect-Astronomer

Rolf Sinclair:
Conference Summary and Conclusions

Tarja Trygg:
Invisible / Visible

Mark Van Stone:
Mysterious Maya Mathematics & Astronomy

Melanie Vandenbrouck:
Collecting cosmic aesthetics: contemporary art for the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Elizabeth Wallace:
Effect of an Astronomical Narrative on the Brain

Gary Wells:
Balla's 'Transit of Mercury' and the Modernist Sun



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