Alumni News

Alumni News

2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize Winner

At a meeting of the Steering Committee of the MA CAA Alumni Association in November 2015 it was agreed that we would award an annual cash prize of 250 to the top MA Dissertation of the year, known as the Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize. The judges are the MA tutors and the short list is comprised of any MA Dissertation that receives a distinction and in the year 1 May to 30 April.
This year's short list are the following:

John Booker - 'To what extent were astronomy and astrology significant features in the medical texts of Hippocrates and Galen?'
Supervisor: Dr Dorian Greenbaum

Elizabeth Hathway - 'Saturn: An Auto-Ethnographic Enquiry into Contemporary Astrological Practice.'
Supervisor: Dr Alie Bird

Astrid Leimlehner - 'Psychological Dimensions Of Early 20th Century Astrology: An investigation of four German astrology books of the 1920s and 1930s.'
Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Campion

It is with great pleasure that we announce that this year's winner is Astrid Leimlehner.

Sophia Summer School 2016

Drs Darrelyn Gunzburg and Nicholas Campion with Astrid Liemlehner, winner of the Alumni Association Dissertation Prize

Alumni News

Alumni Events

The MA Alumni Association is deeply appreciative to Dorian Greenbaum for presenting the second, high-successful short course which acts as a fund-raiser for the Alumni Association. Andre Henriques has written a concise review for those who missed it and for those who wish to recap three glorious evenings of rich and insightful information. Over 30 people registered for this event and the Alumni Association thanks Dorian deeply for presenting this work and at the same time fill the coffers.

Our thanks to Rod Suskin for his recent insightful lecture entitled, White Sangomas in the Post-Apartheid South Africa: Has Freedom Changed Bantu Shamanism. Rod spoke extensively about his personal experience as a sangoma as well as giving an in depth analysis of the history of Bantu Shamanism and its continuing evolution within South African society. There will be a full review of his lecture in the next Newsletter.

With very best wishes,
Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg
On behalf of the Alumni Steering Committee

MAC 4A Steering Committee

from left: Darrelyn Gunzburg, Nicholas Campion, Faye Cossar, Hanne Skagen, Jennifer Fleming, Chris Mitchell, Ada Blair, Paula van Kersbergen, Rod Suskin

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