Membership of BANEA

Membership of BANEA is open to anyone who is interested in the archaeology, languages and history of the Ancient Near East.

The Association exists to bring together professionals and non-professionals with similar interests, to distribute and exchange information about recent developments in the field, and to make such information available to a wider public. Membership of BANEA also entitles you to membership of one of the Regional Groups which organise their own programmes of lectures and events; if no specific group is requested (see membership form) members are automatically affiliated to LCANE (London Centre for Ancient Near East).

All conference attendees, including speakers, must be members of BANEA at the time of the conference. Membership runs from January 1st each year; current fees are £15.00 for full members, £7.50 for students. Application for membership can be made on the form found here. Please note the return address on the form; please do not send to UWTSD. If anyone is uncertain of their current membership status, please contact for confirmation.

Please note that the membership fee does not include registration for the conference, the fee for which will be posted shortly.

Download membership application form.


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