PhD Scholarship

PhD scholarship in ERC-funded WEIGHTANDVALUE project
(sub-project for Bronze Age Mesopotamia)

The SAXO Institute, Faculty of Humanities
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

invites applications for one 3-year PhD scholarship.

The successful candidate will be appointed to the newly established ERC Consolidator project WEIGHTANDVALUE, sponsored by the European Research Commission and based at the SAXO Institute, and will be expected to begin on February 1, 2016 or as soon as possible thereafter.

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Description of the project

During the transition from the Copper to the Bronze Age the use of weights and measures emerged in the 'Greater Near East', developed significantly and precise value regimes were established.

The ERC project WEIGHTANDVALUE which runs from August 2015 to August 2020 will investigated how this effected the conduct of trade, its integration and the dynamics of local economies and its social consequences during the Bronze Age from the wide perspective of European, West and South Asian archaeology, anthropology and economic and social history in a comparative, but meticulous and methodologically novel way.

In an integrated approach it will use archaeological data, 3D scanning and statistics. So far, finds of potential weights are generally not identified, or are either ignored or insufficiently published. Their potential use for a direct evaluation of Bronze Age economics is most often missed.

Besides 'canonical' weights (objects which are well known as balance weights), scales and weight-related artefacts


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