Conference 2023

The Wisdom of the Stars

20th Annual Sophia Centre Conference 8-9 July 2023 in Lampeter.

Images on this page are taken by Frances Clynes. Click each image to enlarge.

Nick Campion, Darrelyn Gunzburg and Tore Lomsdalen.

George Coutts and Wendy Stacey.

Wendy Fey and Kathy Vinton.

Anupam Kumar Suman and Laura Andrikopoulos.

Lambros Andrikopoulos and Frances Clynes.

Ingrid O'Donnell.

Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg.

Coffee break in the library. Center: Wendy Fey and Connie Wang.

Chris Mitchell and Andre Henriques at coffee break.

Nadine Fruin and Stefano Stracuzzi on the couch.

Jake Eshelman and Margaux Crump.

Pamela Armstrong and Ingrid O'Donnell at coffee break.


Pamela Armstrong during her presentation on "The Cotswold Severn long barrows and their connection to the sun, moon and stars".

Ulla Koch preparing her presentation, "Divine stars - an aspect of Mesopotamian celestial divination".

Giuseppe Cuscito at his presentation on "From Angels to Aliens: the Reinterpretation of the Vigilants in 1 Enoch".

Coffee break.

Nick Campion introducing Jeffrey Kotyk for a lecture on "Understanding Sexuality in East Asian Astrology: The Lot of Eros".

Gala dinner.

Gala dinner.

Gala dinner.

Gala dinner.

Gala dinner.

Nick proposing a toast at the gala dinner.

George Coutts and Benny.

Fabio Silva carrying out his presentation on "The Forgotten Stars: a critical look at the (lack of) stars in archaeoastronomy".

Tore Lomsdalen at his presentation on "How Temple Location and Orientation Reflected the Worldview and Belief of Maltese Settlers".

Ilaria Cristofaro at her presentation on "Sirens and Stars: The Wisdom of the Pleaides in Ancient Campania".

Hakan Kırkoğlu at his presentation on "Whispers of an Ottoman chief astrologer, the yearly judgments of Fethiyeli Halil Efendi.

Fabio Silva and Bernadette Brady at Brady's presentation on "The Moon in Ancient Egypt: A journey from a henchman to a king-maker, to finally a god-enabler".

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