Skyscape Studies Seminar Series 2023-24

The Journal of Skyscape Archaeology, the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the Sophia Centre Press and the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of Bournemouth University are teaming up for the fourth annual series of online seminars on Skyscape Archaeology. All seminars are free and online via Zoom.

The schedule for the 2023-24 series is as follows:

Date and Time
Speaker and Programme 
Oct 19, 2023
4pm UK time 
Dating Tasmanian Aboriginal oral traditions to the Late Pleistocene 
Nov 23, 2023
4pm UK time 
Cultural astronomy in a conflict zone: the orientation of pre-Islamic funerary monuments in Western Sahara 
Feb 8, 2024
4pm UK time 
Written in the stars: Point pattern recognition and analysis of cultural artifacts 
Feb 22, 2024
4pm UK time 
The cosmogonising features of the hypostyle hall in the Temple of Hathor, Dendera, Egypt 
Mar 21, 2024
4pm UK time 
First Light on Archaic Petroglyphs in East Central Utah as Solstice Markers 
May 23, 2024
4pm UK time 
Cosmological relations in the Muisca myth of Bachue 
Jun 20, 2024
4pm UK time 
Inka Cosmovision: Astronomy with a Quechua Worldview 
Jul 4, 2024
4pm UK time 
Timing Death Carnivals at Taş Tepeler
*** We regret that we have had to postpone this session until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience ***

Link to Zoom.
Meeting ID: 845 5486 5886
Passcode: 570937

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